The Secret to Choosing A Nice Hotel in Phuket

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The Secret To Choosing A Nice Hotel In Phuket By Tuk-Tuk.net,
Thu Dec 8th Phuket is Thailand's biggest island. The water itself may not beas breathtaking as Phi Phi or Similan island, but it's stillbeautiful. My suggestion is you stay at Phuket and then take aboat to Phi Phi, Similan or other smaller nearby islands for asnorkeling or diving trip. Phuket Thailand becomes lively during the night -- with all thepubs, bars and restaurants opening until midnight or later. Youcan choose to stay at your Phuket hotel and have romantic dinnerthere. Or you can choose to take a stroll at Phuket's popularPatong beach for some night scene. Phuket has dozens of beaches.Each has tens, if not hundreds, of hotels. If you don't like acrowded beach with hundreds of restaurants and bars, stay awayfrom Patong beach. Looking to find a nice Phuket Thailand hotel that's just perfectfor your budget? No problem. I'll recommend some nice hotels foryou. Well, if you don't mind a very huge lagoon next to thebeach and a very big resort hotel, then stay at the LagunaPhuket. Actually at the Laguna Phuket, there are five hotels(yes, it's that BIG -- Allamanda, Banyan Tree, Dusit Laguna,Laguna Beach, and Sheraton Grande Laguna). They're all beautifuland luxurious. So, expect to spend from $100 to over $300 anight, depending on the resort you choose. And there's this secluded private hotel that I really --really--love... The Chedi Phuket. For me, the price is just right too.It's a little over $100. But you'd be glad to pay a lot morethan that for a hotel room this cozy. And let me tell you, theprivate beach right in front of the Chedi is a lot morebeautiful than other beaches in Phuket too.

Most foreigners (especially Westerners) I know like to stay atMom Tri's Boat House. I don't know why. I haven't stayed there,so I can't tell you. But I just know for a fact they 'really'like to stay there. The price is around $70. This Phuket resort hotel is designed by a well-known architect of Thailand. So 70bucks a night is a steal. Now if you're willing to stay off Phuket island, then I suggestyou stay at the Racha on Racha island. It's only 20 minutes awayfrom Phuket. It's a private and totally gorgeous resort island.The beach is white, sandy and just beautiful. The resort itselfis beyond explanation. Plus, the price is just a few bucks over$100.

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