Sheraton Hotels Pattaya

Sheraton Hotels Pattaya

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Why don't you strategy for a escape amidst the exotic backdrop of Pattaya in Thailand for a get-away from the grind of the refined life? Your seashore-festival in Pattaya in Thailand, however would continue incomplete if you bomb to aroma the best of military at Sheraton Pattaya Resort in Pattaya. As you footstep into this hotel, you will be impressed by the mixture of obsolete Thai architecture and present sort that the meticulous designs of firewood, touch and other furnishings display of.

On one hand, the exotic site of this coastal city full with glowing nightlife and stretches of coastlines, will charm you, on the other, the scene of Sheraton Pattaya Resort in Pattaya will allow you to like the fascinating vistas of the city. Located on a crag hole up to the Gulf of Siam and the far-flung islands like Koh Island, Sheraton Pattaya Resort in Pattaya attracts many tourists from across the world. You can clearly access the hotel from Bangkok and also from other parts of the city because it can be covered close to the sight of the Pattaya Exhibition and Conference passage space Facilities at Sheraton Pattaya Resort in Pattaya.

You can take to postpone in many accommodation options at Sheraton Pattaya Resort in Pattaya. There are 153 quarters counting porch-fixed quarters and villas close with reserved pools. rack at the lanai close with each of the quarters and like the exotic scenery of the ocean and the plants aabout from your span itself. There are many in-span facilities counting shower stall, ironing live, refrigerator, International open dialing, television, radio, hairdryer, maid benefit, smoke detectors and in-span protected.

Dining at Sheraton Pattaya Resort in Pattaya

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You can indicate to wait in numerous accommodation options at Sheraton Pattaya Resort in Pattaya. There are 153 quarters counting pergola-integral quarters and villas close with concealed pools. rack at the gallery close with each of the quarters and relish the exotic view of the ocean and the trees acircular from your space itself. There are numerous in-space facilities counting shower stall, ironing live, refrigerator, International nonstop dialing, television, radio, hairdryer, maid repair, smoke detectors and in-space protected.

Dining at Sheraton Pattaya Resort in Pattaya

The gourmands can pay a stay to the restaurants and gullet at the lip-smack innovative fares primed at the restaurants of Sheraton Pattaya Resort in Pattaya, known as one of the alleged hotels in Thailand. Or you can purely sit back at the brew loaf and chat with your contacts while sipping at your desired gulp.

Form and Recreation at Sheraton Pattaya Resort in Pattaya

After touring aabout the city you can throw in any of the pools at Sheraton Pattaya Resort in Pattaya and swallow to the steamy beauty a about. You can also sweat out manually in the golf courses near the hotel, prominent among the hotels in Pattaya in Thailand. There is also the notorious Amburaya Spa, where you can refresh your spirits.

Dealings and Conference at Sheraton Pattaya Resort in Pattaya

Anyway having your feast, you can also circular up your commerce deals while waiting at Sheraton Pattaya Resort in Pattaya. There is a elite section at the hotel, which facilitates organizing corporate programs. Different expert facilities such as High hurry Internet Access and LCD projectors are unfilled. You can also control informal parties or theme parties in the ball space.


The Secret to Choosing A Nice Hotel in Phuket

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The Secret To Choosing A Nice Hotel In Phuket By Tuk-Tuk.net,
Thu Dec 8th Phuket is Thailand's biggest island. The water itself may not beas breathtaking as Phi Phi or Similan island, but it's stillbeautiful. My suggestion is you stay at Phuket and then take aboat to Phi Phi, Similan or other smaller nearby islands for asnorkeling or diving trip. Phuket Thailand becomes lively during the night -- with all thepubs, bars and restaurants opening until midnight or later. Youcan choose to stay at your Phuket hotel and have romantic dinnerthere. Or you can choose to take a stroll at Phuket's popularPatong beach for some night scene. Phuket has dozens of beaches.Each has tens, if not hundreds, of hotels. If you don't like acrowded beach with hundreds of restaurants and bars, stay awayfrom Patong beach. Looking to find a nice Phuket Thailand hotel that's just perfectfor your budget? No problem. I'll recommend some nice hotels foryou. Well, if you don't mind a very huge lagoon next to thebeach and a very big resort hotel, then stay at the LagunaPhuket. Actually at the Laguna Phuket, there are five hotels(yes, it's that BIG -- Allamanda, Banyan Tree, Dusit Laguna,Laguna Beach, and Sheraton Grande Laguna). They're all beautifuland luxurious. So, expect to spend from $100 to over $300 anight, depending on the resort you choose. And there's this secluded private hotel that I really --really--love... The Chedi Phuket. For me, the price is just right too.It's a little over $100. But you'd be glad to pay a lot morethan that for a hotel room this cozy. And let me tell you, theprivate beach right in front of the Chedi is a lot morebeautiful than other beaches in Phuket too.

Most foreigners (especially Westerners) I know like to stay atMom Tri's Boat House. I don't know why. I haven't stayed there,so I can't tell you. But I just know for a fact they 'really'like to stay there. The price is around $70. This Phuket resort hotel is designed by a well-known architect of Thailand. So 70bucks a night is a steal. Now if you're willing to stay off Phuket island, then I suggestyou stay at the Racha on Racha island. It's only 20 minutes awayfrom Phuket. It's a private and totally gorgeous resort island.The beach is white, sandy and just beautiful. The resort itselfis beyond explanation. Plus, the price is just a few bucks over$100.

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Ao Chao Phao

Ao Chao Phao is one of Koh Pha Ngan’s most celebrated beaches and is part of the sunset chain of beautiful coves that populate the west coast of the island. The broad white sand beach is nearly on kilometer long, flanked by lush forest and smooth boulders presenting the perfect image of paradise. The bay is deep enough to swim in year round, and the rich coral reef is a haven for marine life; where shoals of tropical Queenfish swim between mesmerizing fluorescent corals, making it amongst the best dive and snorkeling spots on the island. The pace of development has been slow and tasteful on Ao Chao Phao, and it retains the peaceful beauty and laid back vibe the drew the first island explorers here, then made them return year after year.

Phangan Cabana Resort opened its doors in 1999, it became an instant success due to the high standards of both accommodations and services; we were and still are very few resorts on Koh Pha Ngan that operate with the efficiency and quality of service that Phangan Cabana provides. The friendly and professional staff, modern facilities are providing the perfect setting for you to relax and unwind in this luxurious paradise.

Phangan Cabana is located on Ao Chao Phao ,the western shoreline of the world famous “Koh Pha Ngan” island, which of intimate look into Thailand’s smooth sandy beaches, coconut trees, natural coral reefs and of life in nature that rejuvenates the mind and soul. Everyday our beach front offers dramatic view of sunset. You can sit down relax and enjoy our food and drink. The full-moon party is very fun on the island and easily to go there.
Phangan Cabana prides itself on its modern facilities and high level of service that the resort provides. The swimming pool is one of only a few on the island and is situated next to the restaurant terrace under tall shady palms with uninterrupted views over Ao Chao Phao. There are poolside sun-loungers and umbrellas to brown up on the fine white sand. If you're feeling active football, volleyball and badminton can all be played on the beach. Snorkelling equipment can be hired to explore the rich coral reef and Phangan Cabana have a speedboat for day and fishing trips around the island. There is an air conditioned minibus for pick-ups from the ferries and taxi service, motorbikes can also be hired. The resort has internet, telephone and fax facilities and also a laundry service.
For more photos of Phangan Cabana Resort

Ao Chaloklum

Chaloklum Bay Resort PhotoChaloklum Bay Resort is located just outside Chaloklum village on the new concrete ring road that joins the north to the west of the island. Ban (village) Chaloklum is still primarily a fishing village, and the fishing trade centres around the mid-section of the beach where the village is located. This is where the local fishermen keep their long-tail boats, and the image of all the wonderfully colourful handcrafted boats with their huge engines is a great view to take in while eating in the local restaurants. There are also a few cool bars to visit and Paradise Waterfall, one of the biggest clubs on the island is just outside the village.

The architect who designed the resort has fused traditional Thai and modern influences to create a well laid out and spacious landscape that is both pleasing to the eye and functional. All the bungalows face the beach and are positioned so that there is a sea view from every balcony and enough space between them for complete privacy. The resort was previously a coconut plantation and the tall palms remain, giving shade to the lush gardens and cooling the buildings.

Chaloklum Bay Resort PhotoThere are 19 bungalows and four rooms to choose from, all with fan and bathroom attached at a range of prices to suit any budget. Around half of the bungalows are a spacious 5 by 7 metres and the remaining ones are still roomy at 4 by 6 metres. All of the seven air-conditioned bungalows have hot water, two or three beds and are right on the beach; four have baths. The fan bungalows also come with a variety of sleeping options, with one, two or three beds in a room, available in two interesting styles of bungalow. All rooms have ceramic tiled floors, tiled bathrooms and are fully equipped with fly screens.

Chaloklum Bay Resort Photo

Mandalai Hotel PhotosAdam Medway and his Family, the owners and creators of Mandalai Hotel would like to take this opportunity to welcome you.We feel that Mandalai is indeed unique and have made every effort to ensure your sojourn with us is truly memorable. For more photos of Mandalai Hotel.

Ao Bang Charu

One of the reasons for Ao Bang Charu's great popularity is its easy accessibility and proximity the main towns. Ao Bang Charu is located on the south coast of Koh Phangan and is a popular place for folk who want to get away from the hubbub of Haad Rin and Thongsala, whist still being near everything; whether you fancy a big night out or want to use the services in the islands capital. Its proximity to town and open sandy beach has made it a popular destination in Koh Phangan for over twenty years. It is a peaceful beach with sunset views over Koh Samui; well away from the main road and big enough to really get away from it all.

Weang Thai Resort PhotosWeang Thai Resort has 10 old style bungalows most of which have been newly refurbished. All the bungalows have private bathrooms, mosquito netting on the windows and large open balconies. There are 21 luxury air conditioned guesthouse rooms all with mini-bar, cable TV and hot water and a choice of two double beds or a double and a single. They have fitted wardrobes, fans, ceramic floor tiles throughout and are also the biggest rooms. There are 2 styles; Standard and Superior, the difference being that the Superior rooms have more exsquisite decoration and also tea/coffee making facilities. For more photos of Weang Thai Resort.

White West Beach PhotosWhite West Beach Bungalows have classic style bungalows well-spaced all with private bathroom and seaviews. The restaurant, set back from the beach, has a wide veranda opening onto green tropical gardens reaching to the seafront. Close to Thong Sala means that all the main services needed are within easy reach. For more photos of White West Beach Bungalows.



In the south of soi 13/2, South Pattaya known locally as “the strip”, this is what Pattaya’s really about, with sex for sale in go-go bars, discos, massage parlors and open-sided “bar beers”. The town’s enclave of gay bars is here too, focused mainly on the interlinked network of small lanes known as Pattayaland soi 1, 2 and 3, but actually signed as Sois 13/3, 13/4 and 13/5, between the Royal Garden Plaza and Soi 14. Pattaya beach road continues south from its junction with South Pattaya Road way down stretch of road is also known as Walking Street because it’s pedestrianized every evening from 7pm, though proposed development may put a stop to that.



Central Pattaya is located between soi number 6 and 13. Pattaya comprises three separate bays. At the center is the four-kilometer Pattaya Beach, the noisiest, most unsightly zone of the resort, crowded with yachts and tour boats and fringed by a sliver of sand and p paved beachfront walkway. Known by its English name, and signed as such, Pattaya Beach Road runs the length of the beach and is connected to the parallel Pattaya 2 Road b string of sois numbered from 1 in the north to 17 in the south.